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    Alan, Jacqui and Colton Hairston

    The Hairston's are a hard working family that believes if you do what you love, success will come. You should wake up in the morning looking forward to what lies ahead.

    Bev Kilmer

    Bev Kilmer is married to Cecil Powell, a 39 yr Army Veteran. Besides her 25 year business career, Bev served six years in Florida's Legislature and has authored 18 books. The latest is "Kicking But", because Bev believes you should never fear reaching out for your dreams or goals. In other words, No Buts... No Excuses...

    Vintage Baroque Pearls

    Serendipity... Unexpected Treasures

    Be prepared to find items you never dreamt you would find. Many items you never even knew you wanted, until of course, you entered the pages of Serendipity!

    Like this gorgeous  Vintage Baroque Pearl Necklace and  Earring set.